“Adopt A Pile” of River Junk Getting Ready to Launch

Ahyayha’s Sister Program, StreamSweepers, has completed cleaning (first time and follow-up) of 120 miles of rivers in Central Virginia this year. Here’s the problem – there are 28 piles of junk in the beds and banks left to be removed. They are either too large or too awkward to be floated out in our boats.  The only way to get them out is with the help of local heavy equipment contractors – and we did not budget that for our 2016 season.

These sites are shown in the image below.

large trash sitesThese junk piles contain oil tanks, tires, appliances, all sorts of stuff that isn’t smart to have in the water we eventually consume for drinking and bathing. Soon working through our online merchant Partner, Flipcause, we will attempt to raise the funds to pay for removal of each of these piles through a 30 day quasi-crowdfunding effort.

We hope ahyayha and StreamSweeper Supporters will consider Adopting a Pile! If you like, we’ll name it for you or a loved one…or how about a pet? Stay tuned we hope to launch this project sometime next week.

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