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Large Trash Sites 2016

large trash sites

Large Trash Sites 2016 – Hughes, Robinson and Rapidan Rivers

This summer StreamSweepers (Central Virginia, USA) have uncovered over 25 sites with trash too large to be floated out on our canoes in the three rivers we cleaned (Hughes, Rapidan and Robinson Rivers). We are going to need to hire contractors with heavy equipment to remove these items. This additional expense was not included in our budget. Our Sweepers did a great job this summer and they really don’t like leaving anything behind.

Please consider a donation to fund the removal of these large items – culverts, extra heavy tires, diesel storage tank, dangerous metal objects and more. We estimate the total cost to remove these items to be $20,000 with $10,000 of this amount provided through pro-bono (match) services by our contractors.

You can make a general donation, or you can “Adopt” a specific site by clicking and donating from that image or by using the secure donation link below. Some of this stuff has been in our rivers for decades, rusting, and leaking oil and other substances. It’s time to get it out. Thanks for making our rivers safe for our friends, family members, visitors, and of course wildlife.

Hughes River Sites

Bed Frame – $1000 Removal Fee

Bed frame

Large Pile of Rusted Metal -$1000 Removal Fee

pile of metal item 18

Robinson River Sites

850 Pound Tire – $1000 Removal Fee

Robinson River 850 pound tire

Large Metal Object – $2000 Removal Fee

large metal round item 16

Large Pile of Heavy Metal Fencing – $2000 Removal Fee


Storage Tank – $2000 Removal Fee


Extra Heavy Wood Fence with Metal Hinges - $2000 Removal Fee


5 Locations of Rusted Metal Culverts – $2000 Removal Fee

Rusted Metal Culverts

Diesel Storage Tank – $2000 Removal Fee

diesel storage tank

Large Appliance – $1000 Removal Fee

large appliance

Rapidan River Sites

900 Pound Tire – $1000 Removal Fee

 900 pound tire

Extra Large Culvert – $2000 Removal Fee

extra large culver

Metal I Beams – $1000 Removal Fee

Metal I Beams

“Adopt A Pile” of River Junk Getting Ready to Launch

Ahyayha’s Sister Program, StreamSweepers, has completed cleaning (first time and follow-up) of 120 miles of rivers in Central Virginia this year. Here’s the problem – there are 28 piles of junk in the beds and banks left to be removed. They are either too large or too awkward to be floated out in our boats.  The only way to get them out is with the help of local heavy equipment contractors – and we did not budget that for our 2016 season.

These sites are shown in the image below.

large trash sitesThese junk piles contain oil tanks, tires, appliances, all sorts of stuff that isn’t smart to have in the water we eventually consume for drinking and bathing. Soon working through our online merchant Partner, Flipcause, we will attempt to raise the funds to pay for removal of each of these piles through a 30 day quasi-crowdfunding effort.

We hope ahyayha and StreamSweeper Supporters will consider Adopting a Pile! If you like, we’ll name it for you or a loved one…or how about a pet? Stay tuned we hope to launch this project sometime next week.

New 2016 Project! Eyes on the River

Hello ahyayha Supporters!

We have been dormant for a while waiting for a new project that needs local crowdfunding. We may have found one! The images below one of several problem dump sites in the DSCF4617upper Rappahannock watershed that StreamSweepers is having to repeatedly cleanup. As one example, the area below was completely cleaned 2 years ago. This summer we returned to find another 100+ tires and a room full of furniture had been dumped in the river. StreamSweepers Supporter Charlotte Drummond commented on ahyayha and StreamSweepers Parent CDSCF4580ompany, The Center for Natural Capital Facebook Page the other day that we should try out some wildlife cameras to catch the parties that are continuing with this dumping. So we are looking into this as one solution as well the creation of civil penalties for dumping with help from our Southwest Virginia Friend Frank Kilgore. More to come in the weeks ahead.


StreamSweepers 2014 Celebration and Fundraiser at Historic Rapidan Mill

Tickets Nearly Sold Out! (9-18 update – nearly $2000 sold)

Having trouble with Paypal (orange “Buy Now” buttons on the right of the page)? No worries, call Buzz at 540-661-6283 to let us know you’re coming and just bring a check!

Countdown to Celebration:


Join the award-winning StreamSweepers Job Corps, Rapidan Mill LLC, and other Partners interested in creating new economic opportunities for rural landowners for a one of a kind party on the river.

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Sweepers To Clean 40 Miles of River

Recently, the StreamSweepers Advisory Board and the Center for Natural Capital ‘s Board of Directors approved Virginia river reaches to be swept by StreamSweepers for 2014. Last year, Sweepers completed roughly 20 miles of river (shown in red) from the Greene County line to Rt. 15 near Orange. This year, 20 miles of the Rapidan River from Rt. 15 to Rt. 522 (shown in purple) and 20 miles of the Robinson River from Rt. 29 to it’s confluence (shown in light blue) will be assessed and swept.

StreamSweepers is a Job Corps program of the Center. It provides training and good paying jobs to college, high school, and disadvantaged young adults. Funding for StreamSweepers is 100% privately funded by Riverside Landowners and Friends of StreamSweepers.

Ahyayha will be used to expand opportunities for folks anywhere to become involved in these local river network based projects. We’ll be launching this newest ahyayha project spring of 2014.


Rapidan StreamSweepers 2014

Rapidan StreamSweepers is a youth training and job corps for college-aged youth in Central Virginia. StreamSweepers perform river health diagnostics and sweep up tires, plastic, glass and any other garbage small enough to get in a jonboat. This incredibly popular project was piloted during the summer of 2013 by the Center for Natural Capital in Orange and Madison Counties of Central Virginia.

Unlike other conservation programs, StreamSweepers is a service paid for by stream/river frontage landowners and watershed community supporters. Information developed by StreamSweepers is confidential and provided to landowner customers and supporters. Discussions are now underway to offer StreamSweepers to other portions of the Rapidan watershed in 2014. Should one or more stretches of river with significant landowner interest be found, Ahyayha will be used to help raise watershed community funds later this year.