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February 2013 Update!

Susan Sherman with the Shenandoah National Park Trust thanks Ahyayha Supporters for their generous financial contributions.

$713 Raised (December, 2012)

Teacher-Ranger-Teacher is the first project partially funded by Ahyayha Supporters.  Funds go to the Shenandoah National Park Trust to help offset the total cost of this program, described below. The funding period for this project closed January 1, 2013.

Developed by the National Park Service, Teacher~Ranger~Teacher is a program that sends teachers into the outdoors. They spend two summers in one of our National Parks working alongside park rangers. They learn first hand about the plants, animals, geology, history and visitors to the parks, and take that valuable knowledge and experience back to share with their students.

The learning goes both ways, too. The teachers bring their unique professional skills to bear within the parks, developing educational programs for the Park Service, which are used to enrich the experience of visitors throughout the year.

In a 2011 pilot, Shenandoah National Park Trust sponsored school librarian Mary Craig from Greene County, Virginia, as a participant. Mary returned from her experience with a new sense of enthusiasm and wonder for a park she has seen through the school windows where she teaches every day. A park she had very little knowledge of before. Since then, she has become a great advocate for the park and the Teacher~Ranger~Teacher program. She now incorporates the park’s history and geology, along with a love of the natural beauty to be found there, into projects with her students. It’s an enlightening exchange for the students. Many have never visited the park, though they live in its very shadow; and many of whom are direct descendants of the families who once lived there.

The program is so clearly beneficial, for both teacher and students, that Shenandoah National Park Trust wants to provide the same experience for another teacher in another local school.

In order to make participation affordable, the Trust covers the costs of the program, including purchase of a uniform and use of a vehicle within the park, along with a modest stipend to cover living expenses.

This $6500 Project, if successfully funded, will allow another teacher to develop a deep understanding for the true beauty and value of our National Parks, and to share that with young students who will grow up with an appreciation for the need to preserve them. Any extra funds raised can help expand the program so more teachers can participate.

Help us support this wonderful program!


2 thoughts on “Funded Project – Teacher~Ranger~Teacher

  1. One of the reasons this is a great project is because it helps bring experiences about Blue Ridge Mountains landscape, culture, and lore back to students that today live around the Park – some of which are descendants of folks that used to live there. I wish something like this would have existed when I was in school so that I could have learned more about the land that is now SNP but was once my family’s land in Warren County.

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