Kudos (Rewards)

What are Kudos?

Kudos (koo’-doze), comes from a Greek word for “glory,” and refers to something received in praise or honor of achievement. (Technically, Kudos is not plural, but we use it that way, so a “Kudo” is just one.)

Kudos are a way to provide rewards to supporters as “thank you’s” for financial contributions. On every project page, you’ll find various Kudos Packages offered in the sidebar to the right. During the funding phase for that project, you’ll find a Contribute! button beneath each package to make your selection.  The value of each Kudos Package is roughly equal to the contribution level.

Who Provides Kudos?

Kudos can be provided directly by Project Leaders. Often these types of Kudos will have some direct connection with the project itself, such as a picnic, or fishing or birding trips, etc. Other types of Kudos may be provided by area businesses who wish to lend their support for the project, as well. Often these are businesses whose financial health is directly tied to the health of the local natural ecosystem, but others may simply have owners sympathetic to the common environmental goals of a project.

Kudos are an essential part of every project. They help create the links between projects, supporters, local residents, and local businesses that are essential to long term sustainability of environmental restoration and preservation.

How do they work?

1. Make a Contribution. Choose one of the package options listed in the Kudo Sidebar of each project page. Usually, clicking on links or pictures in the Sidebar will open a pop-up window where you’ll find more detailed info about the Kudos offered. These Kudos Packages are set at pre-defined dollar amounts, so clicking the corresponding Contribute button selects both the Kudos Package and the amount of your contribution.

Regardless of which option you choose, after your contribution is complete you’ll receive email confirmation, and our hearty thanks.

2. Receive your Kudos Coupons. Shortly after the end of the project fund drive we’ll send you a set of Kudos Coupons or vouchers by email. These coupons and vouchers can be redeemed with the businesses who supplied them, or with the Project Leaders when appropriate. For Leader supplied Kudos, the Leaders will communicate with you directly to provide details. Again, Kudos will be sent out shortly after the project funding period closes.

3. Redeem your coupons and show support for the businesses who supplied them. Economies are ecosystems, too, and we’re all connected. We hope you’ll show support for the business who support ahyayha, our projects, and our goals.