New 2016 Project! Eyes on the River

Hello ahyayha Supporters!

We have been dormant for a while waiting for a new project that needs local crowdfunding. We may have found one! The images below one of several problem dump sites in the DSCF4617upper Rappahannock watershed that StreamSweepers is having to repeatedly cleanup. As one example, the area below was completely cleaned 2 years ago. This summer we returned to find another 100+ tires and a room full of furniture had been dumped in the river. StreamSweepers Supporter Charlotte Drummond commented on ahyayha and StreamSweepers Parent CDSCF4580ompany, The Center for Natural Capital Facebook Page the other day that we should try out some wildlife cameras to catch the parties that are continuing with this dumping. So we are looking into this as one solution as well the creation of civil penalties for dumping with help from our Southwest Virginia Friend Frank Kilgore. More to come in the weeks ahead.


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