Start a Project


ahyayha welcomes projects to restore or enhance air, land, and water quality, habitat, landscapes, the natural and human environments, or simply our understanding of these elements – all things important to the our community.

When planning a project, it may help to keep a few things in mind:

Projects should be planned to benefit both the environment and the local economyWe encourage a deeper connection between business development and environmental restoration in ways that are beneficial to both. This is the essence of sustainability. Examples of likely candidates include Project Leaders (individuals, schools, and for profit and not for profit entities) engaged in agriculture, forestry, hunting, fishing, lodging, camping, skiing, lodging, cultural/historical preservation, and education. These may also include projects on state and federal government lands.

Project Goals – Preference may be given to landscape or habitat recovery projects that result in tangible restoration. We do enjoy the unexpected however, so surprise us!

Focus on specific locations with clear goals. Having an identifiable location for your project will make it easier to engage both the people and businesses within the community. Some project sites will be readily visible. Some will be well out of view. Plan how you’ll let people know about the good work you’re doing and how they can be involved. The most successful projects develop strong ties to active supporters within the community, both people and businesses. These “specific locations” can be either large or small – it’s the obvious connection with the community that’s important.

Projects can work in tandem with other conservation programs.
ahyayha provides a way for individuals to actively fund the restoration projects of their choice. This is a unique aspect of ahyayha, different from government or foundation funding programs. However, projects that jointly extend or amplify larger projects are heartily encouraged. It’s a way to multiply and insure the success of much larger government or foundation efforts with active support from the ahyayha community. For example, a stream fencing project, originally funded with USDA cost-share, may need repairs, not covered by other grants, to actually work. Just a little help from our community can make that entire project more effective.

Kudos are an essential part of every project . Kudos are rewards delivered to supporters to thank them for their financial contribution to a Project. They encourage contributions, and help create the link between Projects and local business development that is essential for sustainability. Project Leaders can provide Kudos directly but should also include Kudos from local businesses. Developing local sources for Kudos builds the social networks necessary for long-term community support. However, each project is different and local sources not may not always be appropriate or available.

We encourage Project Leaders to do all they can to secure their own Kudos. Your Project’s chances of successful funding is greatly enhanced by your direct involvement in developing Kudos from local businesses and support within the community. It’s the best way to reach friends of friends who want to see your Project succeed. ahyayha can provide assistance as necessary, and at times can supplement a project with Kudos provided by national or regional sponsors.

Projects will need to be verified. All projects will be verified by ahyayha staff, both as the project proceeds and upon completion. This is done to insure our supporters their funds are used as promised.

Project Leaders should submit a brief Project Proposal – Initial Project Proposals need not be complete project plans, but the more information you can include, the better. A detailed plan can be developed later. At minimum, it should contain:

  • Name, Address and Contact Info of the Project Leader
  • Project Description
  • Whether the Leader or ahyayha will create the Project Video
  • Kudo ideas
  • Estimate of total funds needed to complete the project

Project Leaders will enter into a contract with ahyayha if the proposal is approved, before the project is posted on the site. The contract will be an agreement to terms and conditions, such as how funds will be dispersed, how the project will be verified, etc.

Our staff will work with Project Leaders to decide things like:

  • Funding Period (30 days, 60 days, etc.)
  • Pledge levels ($50, $100, etc.)
  • Kudos

Once the Project is complete, Leaders will work with our staff to provide a short achievement video and thank you to all the Project’s.

How do I get started?

  1. Shoot us a project at
  2. We’ll review your ideas and contact you directly.
  3. When the Project is approved, we’ll work with you to develop the details.
  4. We’ll develop a contract appropriate for the Project.
  5. Our staff will work with you to prepare the Project for posting on the website.