Chesapeake Bay Bioregion Water Projects

Watt Bradshaw and his family run a small farm in Tenth Legion, Virginia south of New Market. A tributary of the North Fork of the Shenandoah River runs through their property, called Smith Creek. Smith Creek long ago supported native Brook Trout. Due to loss of forests and increased pollution, the stream has been unable to support these fish for decades. Watt, his wife, kids, and extended family have taken on the herculean task to bring back the Brook Trout to this Shenandoah Valley stream. In years past, they have fenced off their land around both sides of the stream. Now, they need to stop siltation from portions of the streambank. To do this is expensive – and requires heavy equipment. The farm doesn’t produce enough income to support tens of thousands of dollars of restoration costs. But, the family is willing to use the farm as a source of rewards for contributions from project Supporters. They hope that their own contributions to the project, combined with discounts from local businesses that depend on fishing, will further reward contributors. Finally, working with Ahyayha, they hope that their project can provide to urban commuters in D.C. and Richmond a way to offset their yearly pollution (in the form of reactive nitrogen) footprint (what we call Earthprint-N).

This project will launch Friday, December 7 as Ahyayha’s first all or nothing project for a 45 day period. An “all or nothing” project simply means that if at least 100% of the funds aren’t raised, none of the money will go the Bradshaw Family. Please check back in on this fascinating new project during the Holiday Season, and challenge your friends and family to see who can offset the greatest number of years of footprint!