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update 2/27/12:

ahyayha met with four dedicated environmental science professors at
James Madison University today, who immediately understood the plan,
the goals, and how we hope to achieve them. We are all excited to see the potential for collaboration on many future projects.

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It’s really challenging to explain a complex system in simple terms.
(We’re still trying to get that particular part down.)
Still, despite our inability to use short sentences,
we had some very positive media coverage today.

Two members of the ahyayha  team were interviewed on
the live radio call-in show Virginia Insight on WMRA,
a National Public Radio affiliate in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Additional support was contributed by callers Denman Zirkle,
Executive Director of the Shenandoah Vally Battlefields Foundation, and
Dr. Wayne Teel, Associate Professor of Integrated Science and Technology
at James Madison University.

Listen to the broadcast here:

WMRA Interview

or on the WMRA website:




Launching Fall of 2012.

Watch for more updates.